Business Solutions


We are committed to providing superior business services and solutions to both client and candidate in the following areas:

Permanent Sourcing Solutions: South Africa and International including:

Contingency Sourcing

With contingency sourcing, our Company manages and meets the entire cost of the sourcing process which includes all advertising and screening of candidates. The client pays a fee only on successful commencement of the candidate

The full range of Standard Services and Fees are charged at standard rates – Contact Us

Project Sourcing 

We recognize that certain clients require specialists on a project or short-term basis and therefore offer a contractual service as per client requirements  Contact Us

Retainer-Based Sourcing 

Where we are retained by clients to manage their sourcing campaign, we prepare and place exclusive advertisements on the client's behalf as well as screen and shortlist the most appropriate candidates for the position and the client retains exclusive access to the candidates. Additionally the client benefits from the large database of candidates represented by our Company and sourced through our extensive and on-going advertising campaigns, at no additional cost.Contact Us

Training, Research & Reports

Expert Consultation

Business process redesigns specifically relating to:

Policy and procedure formulation & drafting

 Tailor-made Solutions in HR Consulting, Training and Development

 Training Courses Offered